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Comments below are by clients who chose anonymous names to maintain their privacy.

“You have innate qualities of
compassion and understanding.
You really listen. It makes it easy to talk about my spiritual development because I know you get it”
…………………Sam Z.

COACHING Tools and Tips

Energy Tools that Speed Growth

“You’re the best therapist I’ve ever had. You’ve given me more concrete things to do. You’ve helped me figure things out. And you’ve gotten me services I didn’t even know were available ”
…………………Sofia H.

Goals and Projects
Clients Work On

“I like the fact that when I’m talking about food issues, I have someone who has “been there” and validates what I’m talking about”
…………………Allonzo C.

What Emily Brings to the Work

“Two years ago, if someone told me I would be able to speak up for myself like I do now… I wouldn’t have believed them”
…………………Jenny K.

Information about FEES

“Emily is a true lifesaver of my work on myself. …. She has been like no other therapist in 25+ years of therapy. I praise God for her. Her wit… and all she means to me is priceless…”
…………………Peanut S. .

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It is the best of times... and, of course it can be the worst of times. We live in an era when things are speeding up (as you may have noticed. ) This can be a great thing. It can also present big challenges.

GO-Team Coaching and Energy Work Is a consciousness technology that assists individuals, groups, and organizations to enhance strengths and use challenges as catalysts for growth, ease, and delight.

GO-Team Coaching tm Founder, Emily Page, PsyD, LMHC, provides Life and Executive Coaching to clients from all walks of life. A few of their experiences can be found to your left.

The work of GO-Team Coaching combines a focus on individuals' unique expression of purpose ( One's ” GO” ) and the use of collaboration ( ” GO-Teams” ) to produce outcomes more automatically, and easily as you use them.

We are talking about ” work” but this coaching system is really about ” play”... of the sort that produces a flow of ” wins”.

At ” play” in the ” work” are:

  • Ideas that can transform your experience of yourself and the world.
  • Multi-faceted awareness that can help you access and use the ideas.
  • "Energy Work/Play” both cutting edge and historic in origin, that are fun and produce surprising results.
  • A coach who has been delighting in discovering the best in others & supporting their growth for 40 years and more.
Go-Team A-List tm

Choosing a Life or Executive Coach is a two-way"affair". You decide if the approach is right for you and your GO-Team Coach decides whether to invite you to the process. Her clients are a GO-Team Coach's A-List You know, like the "short list " executives create when they're hiring someone for an important position. In this case, being on the A-list is like being on the Varsity Team: An invitation means your coach is making her investment in you a top priority.

Qualities of GO-Team-A-Listers:

  • You want more for others as well as yourself.
  • You have at least one project (tiny or huge) to tackle.
  • You can see yourself as a valuable investment - - even monetarily.
  • You are willing to try new things - - even if it feels awkward.
  • You can give feedback - - about what works for you and what doesn't.
  • You've got some "oomph" to go from "giving up" to "getting going".
  • You're ready to look at the broken things in your life AND, the good stuff.
  • You can hear feedback (+ & -) from those who care about you - - like your Coach, who can be counted on to keep her eye on the Fabulous you, no matter what "goof" you may be stumbling over.

"Projects" A-Listers are Accomplishing*:

Energy Tools To Enhance Growth and Healing

Quantum Physics sees all reality as patterns of energy flow. "Energy Work" re-directs flows of energy in more efficient pathways. Most Energy Tools are easy to learn and use at home as well as in sessions. They often feel good and can produce rapid, easy, and automatic results.

Energy Tools include:
  • Matrix Energetics™.
  • Meditation
  • Energy Channeling similar to Reiki™.
  • Shamanic Journeywork.
  • Kineseology.
  • Meridian Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique™(EFT)
  • Intuition Tools.
  • EMDR™.
  • Gentle Reprocessing™.
  • Creative Visualization.
  • Tools Created in sessions… shared (anonymously) w. other A-Listers.
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Sessions Available via Phone or Skype
And in Person in Arlington, MA, USA.

What is the Go-Team?
What it takes to get on the Team
COACHING Tools and Tips
Energy Tools that Speed Growth
Goals and Projects Clients Work On
What Emily Brings to the Work

Information about FEES
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