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A - Listers Talk About their Experience of
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Comments below are by clients who chose anonymous names to maintain their privacy.

“You have innate qualities of
compassion and understanding.
You really listen. It makes it easy to talk about my spiritual development because I know you get it.”
…………………Sam Z.

COACHING Tools and Tips

Energy Tools that Speed Growth

“You’re the best therapist I’ve ever had. You’ve given me more concrete things to do. You’ve helped me figure things out. And you’ve gotten me services I didn’t even know were available .”
…………………Sofia H.

Goals and Projects
Clients Work On

“I like the fact that when I’m talking about food issues, I have someone who has “been there” and validates what I’m talking about.”
…………………Allonzo C.

What Emily Brings to the Work

“Two years ago, if someone told me I would be able to speak up for myself like I do now… I wouldn’t have believed them.”
…………………Jenny K.

Information about FEES

“Emily is a true lifesaver of my work on myself. …. She has been like no other counselor in 25+ years of therapy. I praise God for her. Her wit… and all she means to me is priceless….”
…………………Peanut S. .

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GO-Team Coaching
Energy Work

Go-Team Coaching tm
Tools and Tips

In 40+ years as a teacher, trainer, psychologist, and Mental Health Counselor, I have gathered a best seller's worth of Self-Development Tools and Tips - - many borrowed from others and many more invented on the spot. It is another way that clients participate in a team over time: the turn of phrase or self-challenging game invented via one person's work transfers to others - - all anonymously, of course.

Here is something about the overall approach:

A Strengths-based Approach
Absolutely every single one of us is brim-ful of strenghths. Decades of research show that the efficient way to make improvements is with positive reinforcement.
In GO-Team Coaching we focus on your achievements plus the skills and qualities with which to accomplish them. First we look at how you got to here: what positive outcomes you have brought about over your lifetime, and what challenges you overcame to get there. That allows us to inventory the traits and abilities you can count on to get you where you want to go next.

A Positive Approach
If we can't laugh together, why get together? If you can't pick yourself up by laughing at the ways you tend to fall down, why go on? We look at how we can enhance your enjoyment of the moments in your days - - high and low - - big and little. Enthusiasm, positive expectation, self-esteem, self-empowerment. These are some of the qualities we look to strengthen and generate, to help you get there. We help you "Use Everything for Your Advancement, Growth and Development". That attitude can transform the most discouraging surprise into another step to the finish line.

A peer-to-peer approach
To get where we need to go, we all need to pull together. Here on this little planet, we exist in interconnected networks and the Go-Team Approach tm takes advantage of this. We look at your relationships in a peer-to-peer mode, whether it is coach to client, or one family member, colleague, or friend to another. In some cases, we assist you to create actual peer-to-peer support groups in which you and colleagues meet to provide oomph to each of your goals. In others, we help you to inventory the sharing in your life in which you and others express enthusiasm and caring for each others’ pursuits.

As a coach, I take a peer-to-peer, rather than an expert stance. I share tools that have worked for me or inspired me. I illustrate points with my own stumbling blocks and achievements as well as stories of others. My aim is to help you become more aware of your own innate wisdom and developmental trajectory - - rather than to impart knowledge or make assessments. I expect the learning and inspiration to be two-way. in fact, if I don't learn things from my clients on a daily basis, I figure I need an "attitude adjustment."

A measurable, behavioral approach
If you don't know what you are going for and how it will feel when you get there, how will you know when you get there? You might be going for an experience: greater peace and contentment - - more joy. You might be going for something very touchable. Either way… it’s helpful to look at the details of what you are going for and how you will know when you have it.

For more Coaching Tools and Tips
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What Emily Brings to the Work.

When the Root is Deep...
There is No Need to Fear the Wind.

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

  • A Master of Arts in Teaching from Simmons College, Masters Training in Humanistic Psychology, Beacon College, Masters Training in Practical Spirituality, Peace Theological Seminary, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Antioch New England Graduate School.

  • Implemented the first Research on Bisexuals' Experience and Needs in Mental Health Treatment.

  • Experienced Practitioner of Meridian-Tapping (EFT); Matrix Energetics, and numerous other Energy Work Tools.

  • 8 Yr. Co-Chair, Bisexual Issues Committee of the Society for the Study of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Issues (Division 44) of the American Psychological Association.

  • 35 Years in Private Practice, as well as experience in residential and outpatient Mental Health facilities, working with Individuals, Groups, Couples and Families, Clinical Consultation and Supervision.

  • 38 yr. running home-based businesses.

  • Design & implementation of numerous groups & workshops, on topics ranging from Making Friends with Anger to Nurturing the Child Within and Cleaning Up, Cleaning Up: Building a HouseCleaning Service that's Profitable, Professional and Fun!

  • 20 yr. Senior Staff: Opening the Heart Workshops, Spring Hill Institute of Ashby, MA

  • 38 yrs meditation practice & conscious spiritual study.

  • 35 yrs ordained multi-denominal ( not specifically Christian ) ministry.

  • 18 yr. Shamanic practice.

  • 3 yr Teaching in East and West Africa. 3 years Early Childhood Educator.

  • Unending delight in individuals' creativity, heroism, wisdom and core of compassion.

Go-Team A- List Fees.

Since this is Coaching and Energy Work, I do not apply to Health Insurance Companies to cover a client's sessions. I want to spend my time helping clients… and focusing on strengths and accomplishments…. not on diagnoses, medical write-ups and negotiating for coverage.

However, I can conference as needed with mental health medication prescribers or others who provide healing or support services to clients.

I delight in working with folks from the full spectrum of budgets.

This is how A-Listers … and I arrive at Individual Coaching Fees:

The Base Coaching Fee is $150.00 per 6o minute hour.

However, for some, this is an impossibly high rate. For others, it may not be an adequate investment to support their growth.

So I ask potential clients to tune into their situation and arrive at an amount they can realistically afford that represents a Solid Investment in Themselves. Then we use energy tools to check that the fee is the right fit all around.

A Limited number of positions are available on:
The Go-Team A- List
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Sessions Available via Phone or Skype
And in Person in Arlington, MA, USA.

What is the Go-Team?
What it takes to get on the Team
COACHING Tools and Tips
Energy Tools that Speed Growth
Goals and Projects Clients Work On
What Emily Brings to the Work

Information about FEES
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