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What It Takes To Be On
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A - Listers Talk About their Experience of
tm Coaching.
Comments below are by clients who chose anonymous names to maintain their privacy.

“You have innate qualities of
compassion and understanding.
You really listen. It makes it easy to talk about my spiritual development because I know you get it.”
…………………Sam Z.

COACHING Tools and Tips

Energy Tools that Speed Growth

“You’re the best therapist I’ve ever had. You’ve given me more concrete things to do. You’ve helped me figure things out. And you’ve gotten me services I didn’t even know were available .”
…………………Sofia H.

Goals and Projects
Clients Work On

“I like the fact that when I’m talking about food issues, I have someone who has “been there” and validates what I’m talking about.”
…………………Allonzo C.

What Emily Brings to the Work

“Two years ago, if someone told me I would be able to speak up for myself like I do now… I wouldn’t have believed them.”
…………………Jenny K.

Information about FEES

“Emily is a true lifesaver of my work on myself. …. She has been like no other therapist in 25+ years of therapy. I praise God for her. Her wit… and all she means to me is priceless….”
…………………Peanut S. .

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With Emily Page, Psy.D., L.M.H.C.

Useful Resources for You

Eating Issues: Overeating… Undereating…Addictive Eating….Bulimia…

Something-Fishy is The Best Peer Support Site for Eating Disorders

Health Issues:

Maybe you already figured out: I have a Website on Health Matters: www.goteamalist.com

Information on Aging and a Quiz to Determine Your Real Age

A Quiz About How You Are Aging by Oprah’s Dr. Oz


The Bisexual Resource Center.. Based in Boston and packed with resources


Polyamory 101… A good place to start

The NewsGroup Site Has Lots of Links to Information

What Psychology Professionals Should Know About Polyamory

Listings of “Poly Friendly” Professionals… Legal, Counselors, Healers, Coaches

Links to More Useful Resources Will be Coming Soon.
If you have resource ideas, please email me with them
Thanks, Emily Page

If you or someone you know might
Benefit from being on the Go-Team A-List
Please call me to learn more: 781-641-3980.
Thanks, Emily Page, Psy.D., L.M.H.C.

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What is the Go-Team?
What it takes to get on the Team
COACHING Tools and Tips
Energy Tools that Speed Growth
Goals and Projects Clients Work On
What Emily Brings to the Work
Information about FEES
Useful Resources.